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Bootcamp & Boxing

Both our Bootcamp and Boxing classes are high energy fitness sessions designed to strengthen and tone the whole body. They take place in the great outdoors all year round. You will come away feeling like you have had a full workout and be full of energy. Our sessions are limited in numbers meaning it becomes a small community who work together making it fun and welcoming.

Four fit young friends lined up in a row doing push-ups in a park working out together in


Running all year round in the great outdoors our HIIT style Bootcamp sessions are designed to release the stress of your day and challenge your body with a higher impact class using Kettlebells, Power Bags, Batting Ropes, and body weight. The sessions will always focus on form and precision to exercises rather than pushing beyond someones limit.

Weekly Timetable 

Mondays: 7:00pm - 7:45pm

Location: Peel Park, Clanfield, PO8 0PR

Experience: All fitness levels welcome


Our Boxfitness class is lead by an experienced ABA qualified instructor teaching non contact boxing delivered with gloves and pads. This is a high energy class designed to burn calories and tone and define your body.  Please bring own pads and gloves if possible. We do have a spares if needed.

Weekly Timetable
Wednesdays: 7:30pm - 8:15pm

Location: Hyden Farm, Clanfield, PO8 0SD

Experience: No previous boxing experience needed

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